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Adventure Story Game!
LingWu1 (88)

Hello, welcome to the magical forest!
Oops sorry I thought we were in the story, and not in repl!
Got a bit carried away...
Anyways, welcome to Story Game.You will have choices to make during your journey.
You will have health taken away or added based on your decisions.
You will also get items with your choices.
Have Fun, and Thank You.
(Upvote if liked please.My goal is to reach 50 upvotes before the start of February, 2021)

LegendaryWolf (630)

this post is ded, but good job :)

SelenaYang1 (12)

ohh, nice! :) maybe add some colors?

LingWu1 (88)

Sure, @SelenaYang1! Great suggestion!

LingWu1 (88)

Adding Colors will be in soon, @SelenaYang1

LingWu1 (88)

I added color to about half of the code. I will add the rest soon. @SelenaYang1