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Actually Unclickable, God Button
GhostKing007 (139)

So there's been this trend of trying to make the god 'Unclickable button' on, and many like IntellectualGuy and Baconman321 have tried to make it and failed (I think). Whether it's website JS, or just some smart guy, there's always a way to click their buttons. So,

I present to you...the actually unclickable button!

That's right, there is no way you are clicking this button. Combined with beautiful CSS, and complex functions that avoid clicking, this one has it all.

Go ahead, try to click the button, let's see for how long you'll try before giving up...

Here's the fullscreen link, though I don't think anything can help you click this button...

GhostKing007 (139)

@BenM4 - Great. This isn't actually meant to be unclikable. It was actually a failed rickroll. Apparently most of the times a popup website gets blocked, so the rickroll doesn't show up.

BenM4 (0)

The rickroll did show up