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Actually Dope Calculator
IntellectualGuy (825)

Welcome to the Dope Calculator

Hello there I was looking at @FlaminHotValdez 's calculator and I thought I could remake it in python, so here it is.
It supports addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents(use ^), and modulo. As of now you can only do it with 2 numbers, but I'm working on that and if you can help just comment.

XanthusPettitt (10)

it has some trouble with variables but other than that its great!

henryeth (184)

@IntellectualGuy Great job with this calculator (upvoted)! I did this in HTML, CSS and JS. Fun fact, I made mine BEFORE Valdez and he gets 15+ upvotes, while I get 3 :sigh:. Best bit is, I told Valdez and he posted a comment on mine that mine was actually better. If you want to see, the post is here.

IntellectualGuy (825)

@henryeth ok wow, that's way better then mine and his, upvoted. Also do you think you could help in using operations with more than 2 numbers?

henryeth (184)

@IntellectualGuy Thanks a lot! We are both definitely still at an every cycle counts stage... Sure I can help with 2+ numbers. I know Python as well as H, C, J. Do you want to collab on a more complicated calculator in Python? I have sent you a request to a multiplayer repl, accept it if you do want to.