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Abrid: A working operating system that... works I guess
cjmatthy09 (52)

This is an OS that I have been working on with the original source from GitHub at HOS-x86, and I have been modifying and making it better.


  • Basic commands such as echo and help
  • Working keyboard and text output
  • GDT, IDT, ISR, and IRQ
mollthecoder (34)

Reboot does not work

mollthecoder (34)

@cjmatthy09 I noticed it only freezes if you clear the screen

mollthecoder (34)

@cjmatthy09 Nevermind it only happens if you run a command before using it.

PYTHORE3605 (143)

Me: still waiting for it to load...

Safariminer (1)

Please tell me I can run Windows XP on Replit... Or just emulating TempleOS for HolyC.

DonoldJTrump (10)

THIS NEEDS TO BE TRENDING (take my upvote)

maxina (65)

@DonoldJTrump Donald Trump :o can you sign lol


Cool! I'm also working on a HOS-x86 fork. I really wish HOS had a builtin scanf function.

cjmatthy09 (52)

Same, and it's cool that you're working on HOS too! @ANDREWVOSS


@cjmatthy09 I've always thought OSdev was cool, but I've never had the skill or patience to start from scratch. (I'm not very good at low-level programming)

cjmatthy09 (52)

Thank you for the amazing remark, I am forever grateful @JOSHUAFOREMAN

personmandude (3) line 20: qemu-system-i386: command not found
I think you need to switch that space to a /

cjmatthy09 (52)

@personmandude You need to fork the linked repl, uncomment install-pkg qemu, and run.
I have it commented at times so I don't need to update package repos over and over.

personmandude (3)

@cjmatthy09 ah ok my bad i was confused ab needing to fork it

cjmatthy09 (52)

np @personmandude , i know its confusing lol