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amasad (3453)

You can use this to create and persist a scoreboard for your game.

It's very simple:

  1. include a script in your app <script src=""></script>

  2. You'll get a global object scoreboard

  3. scoreboard.submit\({username: 'playerNameHere', score: numberScoreHere}\)

  4. List the scoreboard using scoreboard.list\(\).then\(topTenScores => console.log\(topTenScores\)\)

The script is smart enough to create a board for your game (it's domain-based) so it's very easy to use. End to end example here:

Here is the source code for the service if anyone is interested 😉

BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

someone has hacked repl and is spam tagging users, I am VERY pissed off right now as every time i am pinged it sends me an email, i have been pinged over 2000 times in the past 4 hours. If you do not fix this i swear to god i will quit repl

amasad (3453)

@BobTheTomatoPie we have a fix on the way, sorry about that.

BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

im have never been more happy from a ping, thank you so much man @amasad

numcomx (111)

i really like that creates the board based on domain :)

amasad (3453)

@numcomx: thanks for noticing, I decided that the API should be as simple as possible.

JSer (84)

You missed a ) at the end of the fourth point

numcomx (111)

i think is awesome the api was made with GO lang :)

amasad (3453)

@numcomx: we love go at, fun fact that our infrastructure, that runs all your code, is written in Go

JSer (84)

People can hack the scoreboard using the Developer tools (Ctrl + Shift + i) and type scoreboard.submit\({username: 'Their Names', score: 10000000000}\) in the console 😂😂😂
(You can see that I hacked into your scoreboard demo)

Calamari1 (95)

@iamcaleblol: Really securing a leaderboard is pretty hard, if you have both front and back totally open source (inclusive the secrets)

amasad (3453)

@iamcaleblol: lol yes, not sure how we can secure it though. You can do that with Firebase or any other clientside data API. Open to ideas.

JSer (84)

If a player wants to submit his score multiple times, how can I make it so it can delete his previous scores?

amasad (3453)

@iamcaleblol: I made it so that it picks the highest score.


  1. amasad scored 10
  2. amasad scored 8 (it's still 10 because it's higher)
  3. amasad scored 12 (it will register 12 because it's the highest)

Does it make sense?

amasad (3453)

@iamcaleblol: Let me know if you want to reset the data or delete something and I'll do it for you

itbarsoum (62)

wow great assistant to games

bradenrueter (8)

HTML5 <crying emoji>

426729 (185)

Does this work in just a normal HTML file that you open on your computer?