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ASCII Shooter Game
DynamicSquid (4631)

Honk Honk YES! quote from @DannyIsCoding, originally taken from @HahaYes.

Ignore that. Anyway,

It might not work

Hey guys! I've been working on this a little bit now, and I think it's done. I was going to work on this project a little longer, but school's almost over and I really want to get some other C++ projects out of the way before it ends.

Also special thanks to:

So thanks guys! You really helped me a lot!

Enjoy :)

HahaYes (1913)

Wow, is this a thing now? Well if Honk Honk Yes is taken..... how about He He Yes?

MemeManHimself (100)

pretty nice dude. I like the colors and just not knowing what the heck these little letter bois are gonna do next

Bookie0 (5971)

Cool! Thanks for mentioning me =)

ShivankChhaya (236)

This is awesome! If you want to, then you can maybe try to add coins and/or make an account for the user? Also, if you want to, maybe when bullets hit each other, you could create like a 3x3 explosion and it gives one hit to everybody in range. It is your choice if you want to add it.

DannyIsCoding (694)

Honque Honque Oui! This game is cool.

Nettakrim (683)

you can jump over bullets, meaning you can continue shooting at a letter, also if you stand inside a letter it cant hurt you

also also i forked it to reduce flicker and make it easier to tell whats going on

DynamicSquid (4631)

@Nettakrim oh that's actually does look a little better! I was thinking of doing that, but I thought it'd look bad lol

ChezCoder (1614)

@DynamicSquid i think i found a way to remove the flicker, testing it...

Nettakrim (683)

@ChezCoder a way to remove flicker... if it works that will be very usefull

edit: looked at your repls, found it and wow that looks good

Nettakrim (683)
def clear():

instead you can just do this

also if you have a menu system that works like this

enter an option
enter an option a

you can do
\033[J at the end of the input
to clear the "hi" text

usefull website

also print("\033[?25l",end="") will remove the cursor
and print("\033[?25h",end="") will put it back

DynamicSquid (4631)

@Nettakrim oh that's cool, didn't know that. I'm not that familiar with linux so I'm still learning about ansi

NeilYe (5)

don't mind the Key baord intturrupt, I got that error

DynamicSquid (4631)

@NeilYe yeah, that's because you died lol

firefish (1004)

@DynamicSquid Make it error code 0 upon exit?

NeilYe (5)

@DynamicSquid oh, Thanks! but please make it into a string so I won't be freaking out.

TerrorbuildLuna (38)

Great game! Do you mind if I borrow this for a machine learning project I'm working on?

Highwayman (1443)

The addiction level of this game is above anything else I've ever played on share so sick XD

HackerMan0303 (2)

Do you want to make a collaborative repl ? A game in html, css and js ?

firefish (1004)

@DynamicSquid map up arrow to w, map down arrow to s et cetera

SpaceFire (120)

how the diggigidy darn did you program the enemies?

DynamicSquid (4631)

@SpaceFire umm.. idk, typed some keys on my keyboard, and things worked

ChezCoder (1614)

Awesome! Can i help with threading? (make the game run even when the user is not pressing anything)

DynamicSquid (4631)

@ChezCoder Oh yeah, sure! I actually had SOOOO much problems trying to get threading to work in Python it's completely insane. This is my first real python project, so I don't know much, but I think Python has a GIL or something that prevents that, but I think there some workarounds to that but I have no clue how. So do you just wanna fork the repl and maybe invite me over?

Jakman (473)

@DynamicSquid python threading is easy bro. Read the docs

DynamicSquid (4631)

@Jakman me and chez tried it, it wasn't responsive enough, C++ is just easier for that task

Jakman (473)

@DynamicSquid I think i understand things easier than others for some reason. Sorry.

HahaYes (1913)

hmmmm I am a C++ guy. Can anyone explin what getch is for?

DynamicSquid (4631)

@HahaYes cin --> enter character, press enter
gecth --> enter character, auto presses enter

HahaYes (1913)

lol cool game. I forgot to upvote

HahaYes (1913)

I can give even better feedback. Honk = Duck Haha = CyberTruck

HahaYes (1913)

Lol thanks for the ping