Vulcanist - A Multiplayer First Person Shooter

Unfortunately, due to all the repls from Kajam getting in the talk board early, my repl couldn't get trending easily.

This is personally one of my favorite games, my biggest, and I put the most work into it out of the other games I made.

Rules will be explained in the game (singleplayer mode).
More info will be in the description of the repl.

If you like the game, be sure to offer the post an upvote and a like to the repl.


Please note that this is not mobile friendly. It is only playable on a computer.

I do apologize for all the botting recently. I just fixed that up.

Don't forget to check out my newest repl:

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@AProgrammerDude thanks. I only had seven days to do it and I am terrible at digital art lol.