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AI that somewhat works
GF299Y (4)

It is still not working just right, I know that there are bugs but please let me know if and when you find them.

DominicHuieWhit (52)

cool but after i said what was good about my day it got stuck in a loop

GF299Y (4)

@DominicHuieWhit Yea I know that it does that, try using school as the response

LizFoster (640)

Wow, this is good! I ought to make one of my own.

As you can see in the Names file, I tried it a few times with different ways of writing my name, and I noticed that if the name you input is too long, it cuts it off. So, if I write my name as my full name, Alizabeth Rain Foster, it actually says "hello zabethRainFoster," which is not necessarily too bad, as generally people are not going to give their full name. To fix this, you can use .split() on the name, and use the first name, since that is what most people go by. This (as far as I know) wouldn't cause any issues if they only give one name, since .split() would still work the same way.

Also, I can see in the code that there are many things xeos can ask/say, but for some reason once I hit "what was good about your day," No matter what I enter, it goes back to "hello, how are you?" I am not sure if this is an issue that I am causing via my inputs, though. It might just be me! (LOL)

Overall, very nice!

LizFoster (640)

@LizFoster Oh yes, and I forgot to say, you can use os and subprocess to clear the shell whenever you're ready to print new lines. It could make things look a lot cleaner for the user. This is purely my preference though, so feel free to do what looks good to you wwwww

GF299Y (4)

@LizFoster, Thank you so much, I will work on it for a bit and see what i can do with it to figure this out

GF299Y (4)

@LizFoster and try to put school as a response that might work

LizFoster (640)

@GF299Y Nice! Glad I could help.

ssura (4)

I like it but the AI isn't good at interpreting multiple keywords. For example, when the AI asks "how was your day" and I say "good but boring" it should interpret it as two answers instead of one. Instead it just asks what's good. Maybe you should create a function or something to break down the response or save all responses somewhere and make some code to make actual meaning of it. But great job, it's pretty sick

SeamusDonahue (461)

in the wise words of this ai That sucks, who it it