Working Chatroom
pyelias (2724)

It's a chatroom!

If there's any bugs, say so in the chat (or comment here).

And don't spam or you get muted.

(this project has been discontinued (might still work until early 2020), if you wanna talk to people join the discord

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pyelias (2724)

ADMINS: Beware fakes. Don't trust that anyone else is an admin unless they can use !run_other successfully to make you say something (!run_other|pw|who|say|test).

NEVER pm the password.

I've added more authentication to the admin username system for now, but it won't stop anyone.

As an alternative, the web chat is operational, and can be found here:
It is much more secure.

haya (10)

@pyelias: Thanks! in @amjad-masad 90's chatroom I had someone trolling me using my username.

amasad (3537)

@pyelias: I just signed up but I think there are some errors. See screenshot

lukaswoodruff (1)

@zavexeon: I had someone using my KingOfCode username too zave! I wish we had a way to block the code on the older version of the chatroom you know! So they can only use the new one!

pyelias (2724)

@lukaswoodruff: Hey, KingOfCode. I'm going to be on vacation for around a week, so I won't be able to maintain the chatroom. Do you think you could keep it working while I'm gone?

lukaswoodruff (1)

@pyelias: Yes, definitely! When would you need me to start? And also I think before you go you should see if there's a way to incorporate an IP grabber / blocker to make it easier to delete spamming where it stands! But in short, yes I can do that!

lukaswoodruff (1)

@pyelias: BTW check your email... I made our joint email for the chatroom so we can both edit it without making it go to different versions... you know same one... but yeah check your email and reply back so we can talk about setting up the connection to the chatroom!

pyelias (2724)

@lukaswoodruff: I modified the code a bit, it's here now: You don't need to re-fork, just copy-paste the code.

lukaswoodruff (1)

@pyelias: OK coolio!
BTW Pyelias check out this conversation maker I made today. The URL is...
try it out and tell me how you like it!

hayaodeh (199)

@lukaswoodruff: cool stuff. you know what would be cool? if you add voice to it. check this out
I talked to them and they told me they'll support API's at some point. tell me the score of your quiz! I scored 72%

replitcode (148)

@user7282973: And does python even support mp3 audio support? I didn't know that! huh!