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A solution suggestion to spam
RobertFurr (64)

There is obviously a lot of spam on the site and I think it is because people are not being challenged to do something with their coding skills. I think we should hold another coding jam or something like that to spur the Repl community.

CodeSalvageON (604)

Lol I sometimes post garbage projects

Zavexeon (1163)

Personally I believe there should be some method of quality control.

RobertFurr (64)

@Zavexeon I too agree to that, but I believe some spam is caused in part because of boredom.


@Zavexeon I agree with this too.


@Zavexeon I also agree

AdCharity (1322)

@RobertFurr well if they aren't self motivated it doesn't really make sense to make crappy projects.

mat1 (4428)

If you have ideas for a new code jam you should post in the feedback board or join the Discord server.

Also report spam pls so it's easier for us moderators to find and remove

Also some spam is just caused by people being dumb rather than bored, so I personally don't completely agree with that but I still think a new code jam would be cool

RobertFurr (64)

@mat1 Yeah. We haven't had a code jam in a while.

mat1 (4428)

@RobertFurr yeah but also report spam if you don't like it kthx

AllAwesome497 (399)

Also we are doing a hackathon soon, here is the link

AllAwesome497 (399)

There is this, then there is also people who feel like they are forced to use repl for school, so for them, spamming and other stuff makes them feel like they are doing something back to the teacher(s). Then there's also flat out terrible ppl.

iCodeNode (0)

instead of print(" ")
you should do print("/n")


@iCodeNode its \n instead, but i think you just hit the wrong key