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A simple turtle drawing
CodingEssence (136)

A simple, Satisfying, Kaleidoscope-like drawing made with turtle

So, last year, I decided to try turtle, and it was miserable.

So I quit.

And today, I decided I would try a again, and I ended up with something very satisfying, something that looks like a kaleidoscope...

Obviously, you need to see it in action, that is the final product. There are also more in different colors!:

It will just give you an input as to which one you want, just enter any number 1 through 3.

Hope you like it and see you in my next post. Bye!

Bookie0 (6407)

Very mesmerizing! :)

You should add a while True: loop so that when the drawing ends, the program continues looping and you can input a new drawing in the console!

CodingEssence (136)

@Bookie0 hmmm, maybe I could add that. Thanks for the suggestion!