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A simple login system with php
RyanH4 (3)

This is a login system with php it is very simple and dosen't have that much php I bet that you could type it all out yourself

RyanH4 (3)

Ok I added some style

RohilPatel (1535)

Hey, nice job, however I want to give some feedback!

  1. Try and add some css. It makes the page look nicer, and makes people here like your post more. If you don't know what css is, look at w3schools or something; they have good explanations and examples

  2. Try Node.js for a backend. PHP, in my opinion is very ugly, and definitely is slow. Using php is not something you want to get good at, and I can say this from my own experience

  3. You already know how to use JavaScript, so using Node.js wouldn't be much harder to you!