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A simple and really fun game of Rock, Paper, Scissors
FunCoder7 (1)

This is a simple game of RPS. If you won in the hard or extreme levels of this game, reply below saying "I won in hard/extreme" and include a screenshot. I will reply to that comment
Developer of RPS Python

DynamicSquid (4913)

Cool! Just a tip though:

def fancy(string):
  import time
  for char in string:
    # you can use print instead of sys.stdout
    print(char, end='', flush=True)

You can also simplify this code into a function:

while True:
      playInput = int(input("How many rounds of rock, paper, scissors do you want to play?"))
    except ValueError:
      cprint("That is not an integer, try again.","red",attrs = ['bold'])
      if(playInput <= 0):
        cprint("Invalid Input, try again.","red",attrs = ['bold'])
JWZ6 (648)

@DynamicSquid hmmmm, you unlisted my rock paper scissors program. you said it was low effort

DynamicSquid (4913)

@JWZ6 But this one is way more complicated. Could you link yours again? I could take anothet look at it

JWZ6 (648)

@DynamicSquid i deleted it but ill repost it

FunCoder7 (1)

Have fun playing and if you liked it, please upvote!