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A programming language for people who love 1's and 0's, but not enough to learn machine code!
OmegaMetor (3)

Hello everyone! This is BitFreak! BitFreak is a programming language that I have been working on for the past few days. It features a simple instruction set of ~10 commands, And a full 2mb of ram!

Sorry, did I say simple? I meant otherwise. In BitFreak, Every command is made up of of a combination of 7 1's or 0's. After that there is a single input 1 or 0, and after that is 24 characters to specify a ram address to act on!

This language is (i think) Turing complete. It's a pain to use, and currently has a completely unused pointer!

This language has user defined functions, if statements, (but only and comparisons) and is bound to make your 2 fingers tired, even if only trying to print Hello, World!

Full documentation is included in the repl. To use, just fork the repl, write your code in, and press run! This is featuring very descriptive errors, (meaning no errors at all), and will just skip any lines with errors in the command! Enjoy!

DynamicSquid (5022)

Cool! Quick question though, what is the purpose of line 112?

OmegaMetor (3)

Just run the next line, I temporarily forgot that pass existed.

OmegaMetor (3)

Am hoping to make a web based interactive terminal for this soon! It will be in its own repl, and will be a web based gui that will (hopefully) have a nice ram viewer.