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Heaven Or Hell: An angel Simulator (Version 1.0)
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Heaven or Hell?

You are an angel and get to decide whether or not someone goes to Heaven or Hell! You can answer prayers and even buy fun Items. Give me any suggestions or ideas you would like me to add.

What Happened to the Mafia Game?

The mafia game was too inappropriate for, so I changed up the story a bunch, and made it into this.

Thank you guys for the many Funny Death Ideas!

Thank you guys so much, this game is definitely funnier, and you guys will most likely enjoy it.

A little help

When you see the symbol "*" press enter to continue.


Made by BobTheTomatoPie (Maker of Sanctuary Simulator and Pitlife 2)
This is my 100 Cycle Special
Please Upvote!

EDIT Go check out my new game

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A prayer has just arrived!

Please make my husband have bigger muscles
Will you accept the prayer (y/n)


Her husbands muscles got so big that there was not a pair of clothe that fits him. Your reputation decreased
xDDDD I laughed so hard

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Same here,


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