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A pinger for REPLIT
igosad (6)

This is a free pinger for repl that you can use to keep it alive. So you can host your discord bot or your website and not worry about getting shut down.

I can't share the backend code "YET".

Well as always add the keep_me_alive file
you can follow (python) this

the pinger offer a discord and Slack webhooks status updates every 5 min (can be changed)

Frontend made by @CoolCoderSJ


what is back end can you teach me plz

CoolCoderSJ (505)


The form is set to action="/"

shouldnt this be changed to the path on your backend server?

igosad (6)

@CoolCoderSJ the server grab the request from "/" so that won't be a problem and I already tested it. It's fine.