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A password engine
Codemonkey51 (1049)

This is a tool you can use for secure passwords. Also, only the original password will work and there is no way to un-encrypt it. Use this however you want. All I ask is if you give some credit.
Edit: main code now in
Edit 2: GitHub repo

nN34398Ff (107)

you can delete the hash where it says hash(input("Input whatever"))and then put print(PASSWORD) at the end in the if statement and you can see the password.

Codemonkey51 (1049)

@nN34398Ff ye but then you have to fork it. And you can't undo passwords stored in a file.

NotTani (77)

Hi! This is a cool project. One thing though: MD5 generally considered insecure. Use sha256 or scrypt from the hashlib module. Here is an article about this.

NotTani (77)

@Codemonkey51 You'll want add .hexdigest() to the end of the .sha256() function (both times) to turn it into text to you can compare it. Hope this helps and happy coding! Oh, and change line 9 to:

PASSWORD = hashlib.sha256(input("Whats your password? ").encode()).hexdigest()
OllieDuda (2)

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 9, in <module>
PASSWORD = hashlib.md5(unicode(input("Whats your password? ")))
NameError: name 'unicode' is not defined
um is that supposed to happen?

lamcp (0)

sys('CLS') only works on Windows machine I think. Great work!