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A number guesser!
Interlink (23)

So what is this?

I have seen many of those "try to guess the number" apps on repl lately. And I kinda got bored. They are very simple to make and are all just press 824396983 on your keyboard and hope sort of programs. So I made a program that reverses it. It tries to guess your number. you say "too high" and "too low". Once it guesses correctly say "correct". The range of numbers is 1 - 10. Due to the way I made the loop, you can get the same number as before on both too low and too high.

if you misspell any commands you will have to restart the program. There are bugs relating to the too low side but they are bugs for jokes.

Have fun! And no cheating.
P.S I get that this is no new idea but I figured I would give it a shot
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