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A new, fast, chat application with API support
PythonLuv (17)

What is it?

BackSlash is a new chat application with build in API support. It was built using node js, express, and

How do I use it?

Ideally, you go to the website but you can also use the repl window.

What else is there to do?

You can currently: Chat, Use the API, look at updates, and view the raw chat.

How do I get to the API, look at updates or view the raw chat?

You can only view he API in the repl window; Its in the .md folder.
To get to the raw chat, you go to the website and apprend /savedchat to the link.
To get to the updates, just go to the website and apprend /updates to your link.
This is also my first public project.