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A lua calculator!
Dart (1186)

Just a simple calculator I did in lua to help me learn the language
Expect more lua stuff from me soon <3

Altarias (42)

A pretty nice program, pretty short and nice code conventions. God, I wish I was as clean as you.

Dart (1186)

@Altarias omg thanks! This is my first lua project, so I did try to keep it clean if only my html/js was this clean. TwT thanks for the comment though it’s very appreciated (btw your code doesn’t have to look good to be good so don’t let that bring you down)

Dart (1186)

@Altarias btw you should post that base64 encoder that’s awesome :o

Altarias (42)

@Zexogon It's just made using the PureJS functions atob and btoa

Dart (1186)

@Altarias I have no idea what that means but it sounds awesome (still learning JavaScript)

jpmartel98 (0)

hey! if you looking forward to learn add up some math fonction like pythagore for example !