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A keepalive repl as an alternative to uptime robot.


💻 keepalive

A repl I made to keep my web servers online without having to configure an uptime monitor every time I want to make a new repl.

It's an alternative to uptime robot that keeps my repl servers alive by pinging them every three minutes. It uses Replit's GraphQL API to fetch all my repls, then filters by those with the keyword "keepalive" in their description. It then pings each of those repls periodically to keep them awake.

This allows me to easily enable "always on" by adding a simple keyword to a new repl's description, rather than spend time configuring uptime robot each time I make a new repl. It also allows for the repls to be pinged more frequently than uptime robot's five minute limit.

🌐 Website

The logs on the website can be filtered using the "search" query in the URL to filter certain repls, levels, or dates. I added custom highlighting to the logs so it looks like the real terminal.

♻️ Try it yourself

If you're logged in, press the play button below and it will search through your repls to find any that are webservers and have the keyword "keepalive" in their description.

Note: Uptime robot will still need to be configured to keep this repl alive, but it's better than having to make a new monitor for every repl!

Setting up uptime robot:

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That's pretty handy actually XD

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Thank you!


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