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A google clone
johndo3 (21)

I cloned google and made my own search engine using google cse json API
Click me for steps to make your VERY OWN Search Engine

vxrian (3)

This is so amazing ngl at all. I searched up a bunch of stuff here, and now I can cheat my way out of screen time by saying "Ma, can I use Repl.It? Only that, I swear!" and I can just search up whatever I want to XD Full Kudos, my Lord/Lady. I praise you and worship you on this amazing matter.

johndo3 (21)

@ProgrammingPaon ur mom can check your history lol

vxrian (3)

@johndo3 but she doesn't care if it's, cuz I always say that she's gunna mess up my work XDD

plscodeinjava (381)

YEP EXACTLY thats what i do!!!!

nahu (27)

It is awesome!

Leroy01010 (408)

exactly like google

OctagonalT (9)

this literally matches with the google results

plscodeinjava (381)

This is awesome!!
Good job!