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A cool pandemic simulator my brother and I made 8 months ago
AnvayMathur1 (9)

Hi guys! This is my first post so please don't judge. It is supposed to be a pandemic simulator (as it says on the title) and yeah. You can customize the settings, such as how the 'governments' handle the pandemic, and the strength of the disease. I think the repl explains itself well enough. Have fun trying out the settings!

My brother @graph_coder had as much to do with this as me, so yeah.

DigitalRipple (34)

I got an unreachable

AnvayMathur1 (9)

@DigitalRipple It's a weird glitch with Repl. It works for me, but some of my friends have that same glitch.

AnvayMathur1 (9)

Do you think I should update this and add new presets or a random preset thing which chooses random settings?

TsunamiOrSumth (552)

This is really cool! Keep it up!