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A console "minecraft" esc sort of game

This version is unfinished and very bad in comparison to my vision of my next version, but its still quite cool and I hope it inspires others to make a console game!
Hope you enjoy it!


  • arrows for movement (if you don't have arrows... well F)
  • wasd for breaking blocks


  • Water "physics"
  • Gravity
  • Trees
  • It doesn't crash on launch

Anyway if you have any questions just leave a message in the comments and I might get round to looking at them, enjoy!


Make the screen clear instead of adding more :}


@MrVoo That was the initial plan however a draw back to that is the "rendering" looks very clunky as the whole screen goes black and then updates. My worry was it was going to cause a seizure for people with epilepsy who play it.
After dabbling some more in CS and C++ I realise I could have used a frame buffer to make the updating more fluid and faster however at the time of creating this I was very new to the language.
Thanks for your response though!