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A color game I made
JarodL (29)

A simple color game. Tell me your high score below!

JacobMcPherson1 (237)

You should add some logic that prevents the word and the color from being the same

Yimmee (31)

can you make it so i can press enter? and so the console is scrollable?
otherwise, at least 20. and great game

ThanhTails (32)

Nice quiz! But 25% font is the same with background color.

octopyBot (265)

love the idea of using tkinter on this one. knowing me i'd just do it in the terminal with colorama.

DonoldJTrump (9)

68!!!!!!!! yooooooooooooo!! thats prob really good

cuber1515 (57)

I like it. Did you get the idea from Brain Games?

Brendan23 (166)

@cuber1515 Which Brain games? The contest one or the other one?

Brendan23 (166)

@cuber1515 got it. I like the original one better, how about you?

cuber1515 (57)

@Brendan23 I haven't really watched the contest one but it doesn't look as good, since it's probably not teaching as much and if it is I'm pretty sure it's just repeating what was in the og one

cuber1515 (57)

The og one is AMAZING though.