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A calculator for hospitality workers
MarkErrett (0)

I previously used to work in hospitality and found it difficult to figure out how much I had earned that day.

This simple calculator makes it simple to figure out.

I had this idea for a while and I took inspiration from @William3 and his Calculator:

Written with HTML, CSS, and PHP. Eventually, I would like to learn how to allow users to log in and save shifts.

Amanda333 (0)

Your idea is brilliant. I work as a manager in a restaurant, and we have some training to deliver for our employees. Do you allow me to present your idea to them? Btw, I worked for a while, almost four years, as a waiter. Your calculator, at that, would be in handy for me. At least, I can now invest as much as possible in my employees because the hospitality industry should be in continuous development to make our guests feel at ease. Reading the last report about my field, on, I have learned about the future trends and new strategies of growing this kind of business. And the best investment would be the investment in our employees.