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A Tic Tac Toe game!
headiscoding (944)

In the comments, please rate it out of 10. Thanks you!

ChezTacoz (341)

i see a lot of 11/10s so y'know im gonna hav to give it a 11.01/10

ElliottMeeks (1)

10/10. if u want to add to it you could use the MiniMax algorithm for those people with no friends like me =( can play against a bot.

headiscoding (944)

Look through my repls. You'll see a tic tac toe in c++. Has bot and friends! :DDDD @ElliottMeeks

MarblesAndMore (61)

Yes this is definitely a 10/10 and it functions really well, the only problem is I have no friends to play with

StanislavKornev (1)

I would give 12/10 (there a lot of 11/10)

DepthStrider (10)

it refused to connect and can not run the repl

DarkswordsmanJG (43)

Dude cool game, this is easy to rate:

100 out of 10

DarkswordsmanJG (43)

np @headiscoding, you deserve it since it's better than I can do

headiscoding (944)

lol. dotnt say thattttttttttttt @DarkswordsmanJG

DarkswordsmanJG (43)

It's true though @headiscoding, I can't code in Java


tbh i dont see how this could get a 100 upvotes. Sure there is a lot of polish, but nothing extraordinary.

eEmKupl (1)

Great job! Really enjoyable to play with friend.

ShivankChhaya (236)

This is sucky! I hate it and rate it the worst 100/10!
(No jk lol this is actually awesome)

MichaelGartland (0)

Nice and simple, I like it. 10/10

Dominicl645 (429)

this is a easy 10, actually it is a 12. this is very fun and you should now make another version with custom characters @MohammedBalsara

heartbreaker1 (0)

wooow a cool game....only one suggestion use design patterns to reduce and utilize the code for better performance...reduce if else statement....

DSAJesse20 (3)

a number more than 10/10

CT2224 (142)

I rate it 11/10 because you did it in Java.

DJWang (1345)

Best. Game. Ever.

That's all there is to it

NDcoder (0)

Really Cool! 10/10 From Me. It's A Perfect Tic-Tac-Toe Just So Much More Fun Than The Regular Game On Paper!
If You Were Going To Make Another Version Of It, You Should Consider Adding A Bot To Play Against, And Maybe Even Have Different Levels Of Difficulty.

Pizzaz4me (63)

since @ChezTacoz already gave an 11.01, I give it this a 11.02/10 :)

ChezTacoz (341)

@PlaySoccer dang. In that case I hav to give it an 11.03/10

Harippriya (0)

10000000000000000000000000000000000/10 !!!!!

douzts (0)

9.5/10 loved the game would like the screen to be bigger

headiscoding (944)

you can adjust that yourself. @douzts