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A Python Text Based RPG
P7JordanD (11)

Welcome to my own Text-based RPG. It isn't the most original concept on this platform, but the code and the ideas for the gameplay were thought of by myself and all the drawings are original and made by me.

You can battle enemies, talk to npcs, visit locations and find loot on your adventure. Combat is made to scale with the player as well as having some rng elements to keep things fun. You can even save your game!

The title you chose in game will change the gameplay by turning up or down the difficulty. If you want to play the game without any modifiers, then type a number besides 1-9.

!!!- New Update! I lowered the amount of shield you can hold to 5 and the health potions to 8. Also, I finally fixed the huge bug where if you entered anything but a number when you are asked for one, the game would crash. Now, you will instead be prompted to type a number.
Thanks to @CadenLee4 for helping me fix and tidy up my code with their comment!

Games Referenced:
-Destiny & Destiny 2
-Antimatter Dimensions
-Probably something else I forgot

A quick thanks to bits from Reddit and Replit for helping me through this! (...and no, I didn't steal code or ideas from there.)

CadenLee4 (1)

Really great game! I suggest using python's Try Except for the crash when entering something other than a number. You could create a function for input, and it keeps asking until the user enters a valid number.

Also, you might want to put some functions in a different file for organization.

P7JordanD (11)

@CadenLee4 Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into that for the next update!

P7JordanD (11)

@CadenLee4 I moved the functions to seperate files, and the code is much easier to work with now! I tried to use Try Except, but stumbled on a bit of code "variable".isnumeric() that I ended up using instead. Thanks again!

LevonJohnson (2)

This is a great game, deserves recognition, and has some of some meme type moves you can do like "stand there and say E" Im gonna do another run and just do all the meme moves and see what happens

P7JordanD (11)

@LevonJohnson Honestly, I tried to shove as many references and bits into the game as possible. I'm glad you liked it!

P7JordanD (11)

To the people who commented, sorry I didn't get to you, I haven't been on replit for a bit!

GhostKing007 (139)

An upvote just for the Minecraft references and the word demigod in the jokes lmao

jokes aside this is pretty cool

P7JordanD (11)

@GhostKing007 Thank you! I enjoyed writing those.

MikeJMS8910 (160)

Actually a pretty cool game although the other comments before this one are kinda sus.

ZarmDev (47)

Wow this is a very good game! Seems you worked very hard on it.