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A New Game Jam! (HotShot 2021)
TheVelletCode (1)

This is the first game jam made by me. Guess you can call me a noob. Anyways, there are a set of rules.
Rule 1: You aren't allowed to fork repl's and share it as your own.
Rule 2: All uses of sound effects and assets has to original or licensed.
Rule 3: You have a time limit. This Game Jam is staying online until 09/05/2021.
Rule 4: If you lose, don't worry! You're in it just for the fun!

<h3>Sincerely, TheVelletCode</h3>
TheVelletCode (1)

@kwe Oh! Theme is Platformer. Horror or Fantasy

kwe (57)

@TheVelletCode ok thats cool! but, you should be a little more prepared when hosting a game jam

TheVelletCode (1)

@kwe Thank you for your concern!

TheVelletCode (1)

Now the Jam has started! Remember, You all have a time limit of 29 days now!

TheVelletCode (1)

Game Jam is now done!