I made repl.it in under a 7 days
rafrafraf (1395)

dupl.kit - Collaborative Text Editor and IDE

Code and collaborate with friends, all in real time baby! Watch their cursors move around the page and talk in chat!


  • Text editor with live operational transformations: see changes made by fellow coders in real time (baby)
  • Private files: files saved in local storage
  • Live chat: same style as repl.it, protected from XSS ;)
  • Multiplayer cursors: view other coder's cursors (credit: @MarcusWeinberger)


  • Only local files will run and output code, global file running coming soon!

Supported Languages

  • PYTHON run any code with console output (input and support for external libraries coming soon)
  • HTML render your webpage in an embedded iframe
  • JS use scripts inside your HTML dupl
  • CSS style your html dupl

All in your browser!

Created by @rafrafraf with some help from @MarcusWeinberger

P.S repl pls hire me lol

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DynamicSquid (4622)


  1. Nice pfp! Is that you?

  2. This is awesome!

  3. Someone filled the css file with the f word

DynamicSquid (4622)

Oh quick question... which parts of the repl IDE are already existing programs? I think I heard that the text editor repl uses was made by VSCode or something like that. Did you use that too?

rafrafraf (1395)

@DynamicSquid everything was made entirely from scratch, i made my own operational transformations algorithm to handle the text editor being changed by multiple users and keeping them all synchronised :)

rafrafraf (1395)

1: yes and thanks
2: thanks dude!
3: thanks for letting me know