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A Cool Button I Made
JWZ6 (255)

I was just messing around with some css today when I got the idea to make a button. It just came into mind.


hover over the button to get a cool cyan-lime circle-like button. Click and hold to see orange-red background. When holding down the button, hover over it to make the edges curve. Don't hover when holding the button and you have regular edges. Click and don't hold if you like this :)

That is it!


ItsYeBoiJ (9)

dude this is one of the sickest buttons I've ever seen. Im starting a company and I would like to use this exact button on my webpage. Are you willing to sell me this code for 5000 USD? Get back to me asap ty. (btw I'm jk don't report for trolling ty luv u)(btw sick button really turned my butt ON xD)