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90s WEBSITE (Pizza Fenzy)
foxy900 (0)

it dosnt work for me

PurePanic99 (17)

so i get pizza? for my money? i lke chez on meh pizza. does it taste like chez> i hope it does. i like chilli i put cheese on my chilli do you like emails? i do please talk to me im alone ha ha just kidding ha ha just kidding about kidding

Hariz_Hazril (332)

Just 399$ for 39 pizzas!!

CR4ken (0)

That song lol.

Hariz_Hazril (332)

@cr4ken: Let make a pizza, you and me!

Hariz_Hazril (332)

@denerdahvid: Thanks, it's kid song. lol

LindaRogers47 (0)

pizzas ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hariz_Hazril (332)

@vanettakeener: JUST 399$ FOR 39 PIZZAS! JUST 399$

MrBearBread (0)

@harizhazril The only pizza delivery that can go atlantis 😂😂😂😂👌👌

Hariz_Hazril (332)

@mrbearbread: Oh well, Soon I will go Mars 😂😂

Hariz_Hazril (332)

@marieyoung: I REPEAT JUST 399$ FOR 39 PIZZAS! JUST 399$

Luke25 (119)

This is cool! Mostly 90s-ish

Hariz_Hazril (332)

@luke25: Nah, like modern 90s i see.. xD

Hariz_Hazril (332)

@tobkcak12: Soon As Possible. BUT WHY DONT YOU BUY 39 PIZZAS FOR 399$!! :D

Arce_ (0)

You remind me to Pizza Frenzy Games..

Rox56 (0)

@arce: Old , but gold

noobAtProgram (1)

People please also look at new posts so people actually have a chance

Hariz_Hazril (332)

@noobatprogram: That actually right.. I also look at the new posts.. Some people got better than me!


How did you add the song? Nice website btw

Hariz_Hazril (332)

@evanyang1: <iframe width="1" height="1" src=" youtube vid code?rel=0&autoplay=1"
frameborder="0"></iframe> #(just make it small)

WikingGaffa (77)

@harizhazril: I tried adding autoplay on my site but didnt get it to work. I might try again

Hariz_Hazril (332)

@denerdahvid: can you give me the link of your site

Hariz_Hazril (332)

@denerdahvid: Try this:
No music :
music :

try edit the link. make sure you put the iframe, maybe the error comeout but it not effected the music.

NotAPenguin (0)

um, those 39 pizzas for $399, CAN THEY DO THIS?