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mat1 (4429)


4bit is a bot with some rad games such as Hangman, Simon Says, and even UNO!

First off, Hangman
You can play it by doing \hangman, and the game will start. Type letters into the chat and 4bit will update the hangman accordingly.

Second on the list is Simon Says.
I couldn't really get a full gif of it because it takes longer to play.
The way you play it is basically just by memorizing the emojis it shows you, and then reacting to its message with those emojis in order. Pretty simple.

Third, UNO!
I couldn't get a gif of it in action so here's a png of the chaos that can ensue while playing UNO. For this one, you need at least 2-5 people. Do \uno to start playing. It will create a sort of invite mode where people have to react to a message to join. After that, you will begin to play UNO, with all the custom emojis :)

And much, much, more!
You can even execute Python code with \exec py print('hello world'). It's in a sandbox though, so no hacking ;)

If this sounds cool, then don't forget to upvote!

Collaborator: @Boopydoop
Source code:

amasad (3454)

This is fantastic and it's so cool that's a collaboration.

heyitsmarcus (350)

This should be the highest upvoted game bot I've seen so far.


This is the coolest gamebot I have seen! nice job!

Boopydoop (164)

thanks mat1 for letting me help with this. this its great to get some experience in this field.


New Update: Me and mat are collabing on adding the exploding kittens game to 4bit!
Here is the game if you don't know what it is:

Upvote this comment if you would like to see exploding kittens!

mat1 (4429)

@IEATPYTHON Wait, upvote my comment too. I want those extra cycles!

Warhawk947 (524)

How does it check if you voted for it?

mat1 (4429)

@Warhawk947 It doesn't because it broke and i'm too lazy to fix. It used to use the api though

Lolanator365 (12)

@mat1 this is what i get in the code when i try load it up

mat1 (4429)

@Lolanator365 It's a Discord bot, you're not supposed to be able to run it.

BestBerry (19)

2 things to fix in hangman:
When you guess the last letter, it won't show up in the word, just say you win.
If your last letter guess appears two or more times and finishes the word, the word will show up completely, but it won't say you win.