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3D/Isometric Turtle
RobertoBean (41)

Isometric projection is a projection method most commonly used in drafting due to the fact that isometric graph paper is very easy.

Isometric projection has 3 axes, x, y, and z, and all of them are an equal 120 degrees apart, or 60 if you count the negative versions of each axis as separate.

Isometric projection is easy to implement in programming, since it doesn't account for perspective and has an easy mathematical formula to project from 3 axes to 2 axes.

This small program adds a class that I had to jury rig the inheritance for since python turtle doesn't support super yet. The goto method has been changed from goto(x, y) to goto(x, y, z), all other methods from the original turtle are still there.

The example features a 3D wedge projected Isometrically.

You have my permission to use this freely in any way you like, you aren't required to give me credit ;)