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3D Python Turtle!
TimothyAnderso1 (130)

Aight so,
I dont really know why, but I love making overly complex things in limited coding languages, like scratch and python.

Not because its anywhere close to easy, but because its hard trying to get a program to run well, on such limited hardware.

So I present to you, 3D Models in python turtle!

using a custom made rendering engine, supporting multiple rendering modes, including wire rendering, face rendering (with basic clipping plane for performance), mixed rendering (mixed wire and face), and limited rendering (The clipping angle was increased, showing fewer faces, runs a bit smoother)

As a test, I loaded a really low poly house into it.

For more advanced info, the model uses a modified OBJ format that doesn't use face normals, and I had no idea what they were when making this, and this was my first crack at 3D

Because of this I did make a program to convert standard OBJ formats to a python list that This program can understand, its poorly made though, and is really confusing to use, so much so that I forgot how to use it.

Special thanks to:
You, for viewing!

Jakman (449)

How is python limited? Good project anyway.

TimothyAnderso1 (130)

@Jakman I mean some python modules, like turtle, its a slow and old module, not meant for giant or complex projects, but I think its fun to push these modules to there limits, and get a working program out of it!

Jakman (449)

@TimothyAnderso1 ok makes sense. I made a self running program once pushing the very programming language to its limits.

WyattCodes (0)

Super cool! "I forgot how to use it" XD

math_genius (7)

I thought the '3D' part was clickbait. Nope, it's an actual 3D model. Good Job!

BobNeo (39)

RIP Z axis at 279.

mkhoi (299)

This is insane!

DannyIsCoding (698)

I can't say anything, but