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3D Monster killer
superqitiandash (1)


  • Press wasd to move
  • Press spacebar to shot bullet


  • The big red box is the shop
  • The big green box is the bank
  • The grey box is you
  • The big sphere in red color is the monster king
  • The small brown box is a little monster

How to play

All you have to do is to kill the monster king by using the bullet to shot it.You can also shot the little monster as well.If you touch the monster king , 'your life' will decrease .Every time you shot the bullet , the bullet will -1.You have buy bullet by getting coins.So how to get coins ? You can catch little monster and sell them in the shop to get coins . Also , after you have got coins you can save it in the bank to earn profit(simple interest).You can also loan money(Only the amount of money you have -1 can be loan).The monster king is always following you , so watch out!When you kill the monster king you win the game.

Future improvement

  • Control
  • Develop into a multi-player game

link(Go into the link to play it)

katyadee (1273)

Love the idea, but it won't let me shoot! Is anyone else having this problem?

AkhilGupta (16)

@katyadee Nope...
Though it is a bit difficult to aim/shoot. I too thought that the shooting mechanism if broken at first.

@superqitiandash nice game. Difficult, but I won.
How to use the use of bank? I mean yes you said that we earn interest, but when and how much? How can I see how much I have in the bank? I "saved" some in the bank, but even after about a minute I received no interest I believe (I tired taking 1 coin at a time to confirm)
Also, I noticed I can move the player via Arrow Keys as well!