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3D Minecraft Themed
AdCharity (1322)


JUST FOR YOU @axel9967 :D


This is a 3D project made with babylon.js. It was made to both prove axel wrong, but also to experiment a bit with some past projects.
All textures are credited to their original sources, most noteably the minecraft wiki.

Recommended Controls

WASD - movement
Space - unlimited jump
Pointer - look around (pointer lock)


dirt block in center
skybox improved (AHHH THIS IS KILLING ME)
animations applied to dirt block
improved boundaries (well you can still hop over)
loading times decreased by about half
improved floor
increased player height by putting invisible floor to make it seem higjher

Known Bugs

Gravity sucks (you might be floating)


StringentDev (229)

umm @adcharity ?
why is it doing this? im floating.

AdCharity (1322)

@Lethdev2019 well built in babylon.js gravity is kind of fishy

StringentDev (229)

please could you register with slack (it's actually not too bad)@AdCharity

AdCharity (1322)

@Lethdev2019 do u have to add me to a work space?

StringentDev (229)

no (look in your email for slack invitations.) @AdCharity

StringentDev (229)

yes a site that adblocker does not care about! @AdCharity

StringentDev (229)

you don't have any trackers @AdCharity
im using chrome now.

StringentDev (229)

have to say, its a big improvement. as you don't have repeating sky textures in the skybox @AdCharity

AdCharity (1322)

@Lethdev2019 well nothing was repeating, i just aligned it incorrectly

RedMonster12 (2)

i know someone who is working on a very VERY promising minecraft game in html, you should check it out! (if the link didn't make it through just let me know)

LittleNomster (114)

glitches into the dirt block

AdCharity (1322)

@axel9967 why haven't you looked at this