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3D Maze Thing made with HTML,CSS,JS
LiamPotter1 (32)

It is not really a maze more just a bunch of paths/halls to walk down. Made with a small amount of HTML and CSS and a fair amount of JS.

The top canvas is the 3D view and the bottom is the 2D view.
Use the left and right keys to turn left and right. Use the up and down keys to move forwards and backwards.

You can also customize the map in the JS code. Look in the JS file and look for the 20 arrays lined up together with a bunch of 0s and 1s in them. 0 counts as an empty space and 1 is a wall this way you can change the default map to whatever you want by changing each number of each of the arrays. (Please only use 0s and 1s while editing the map)
(Also, the top left most pixel must always remain 0)

devbois (3)

Its cool but a bit confusing.

haya (10)

Very cool! I'm trying to use the arrows, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.