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3D Engine Demo
CoolqB (164)

Hello fellow programmers!

I decided to spice up the community a little and created a quick 3D engine, it's nothing fancy, however, it has been created only in and I think it demonstrates the power of this platform.

-- Link --

-- Features --

  • Rotating cube! How awesome is that? :D

-- Bugs --

  • Strange freezing issue when it runs for too long, I would assume this is something to do with the turtle graphics frontend?
CoolqB (164)

@jimxin2595 Thanks for your comment :)

Babbel (64)

i get an error :/

CoolqB (164)

@Babbel Oh that's strange... External error implies that it is either a problem with your browser or, I would assume. Though nothing but imports exist on ln: 12. And null doesn't exist in Python, it's called None.

This doesn't seem to be an issue with my program. Maybe try refreshing, or another browser? Thanks for showing interest nonetheless :)

CoolqB (164)

@eliena Thanks for showing interest :)
I'll be sure to post future projects here in, currently working on a programming language implementation. A programming language in a programming language inside inception!

DemonZZ (1)

how do you move?

DemonZZ (1)

its not rotating or anything :/

NRED03 (0)

Very nice, very clean. Good job!

amasad (3353)

This is pretty cool! How do you reproduce the freezing issue? It's running pretty smoothly for me.

CoolqB (164)

@amasad I had to reduce the frame rate in order to reduce the issue (though if you leave it for long enough, eventually it will freeze. To reproduce, change the line self.pointer.tracer(0, 20) to self.pointer.tracer(0, 0) and comment out the time.sleep(1 / 60). I developed this using Firefox. My PC isn't bad, GTX 1060, FX8350. The canvas is cleared, and I tested this as a standalone program and it worked fine, any ideas?

Sometimes it lasts longer than others, try restarting/refreshing if it lasts long or freezes instantly.