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3D Blocky Jump--Make your own levels too!
426729 (187)

This game, Platformer Jump, is a game where you use WASD to reach the top of a level. Water is blue, lava is red, and you must touch the ceiling to win. You can make and share levels too! Check out other people's levels at /levels and make your own at /editor! Try out for a great example level!
Just a note, this game does not work properly in the little preview box that appears in It only works if you open it in a new tab.
This is a new post to replace the one for the 2d version of the game

Warhawk947 (534)

This is really underrated!

426729 (187)

@Warhawk947 Thank you so much! It turns out that the version that I had running had an error due to updating and me not updating my code. In short, the level-sharing features did not work. I just fixed the problem! Now you can share your levels with the level editor and see other people's levels in the All Levels menu!

426729 (187)

@Warhawk947 Thanks a lot! I just fixed a bug, so now you can play other people's levels and even publish your own!

LordPython404 (12)

Wow this is one of the best repls I've ever seen!

ZakShakespeare (0)

honestly i would buy a game like this could you make the ball a real character and could u add a 2 player mode i have been playing for about 2.5 hours and i have loved it im still trying to get all 25 and here's another idea could you set levels that get harder

ebest (646)

@ebest Also, there are 2 levels that say this is impossible. I beat it. You have to jump at the very last moment.

SanguineLCard (4)

The map maker isn't currently working for me.

426729 (187)

@SanguineLCard What do you mean? So, when you go to, do you see the 50x50 grid? Can you click on the boxes (all but the gray one in the middle; that's where the player spawns) to fill them in? Can you click on the colors in the color palette to change what color your level is? Or is the problem with submitting? If so, try to put a name for your level (it can't be a duplicate of a level name that already exists) and a password for it in the two boxes at the top, then click the 'Post Level' box. Or is something else wrong with it?

PYer (4035)

You should add a goal, like capture the crown

426729 (187)

@fullrn000 Great suggestion! I have this in all user-made levels: Your goal is to either touch the top of the level or to touch a green block. Try out the level to see what I mean. Also, user-made levels can have coins, checkpoints, trampolines, and more coming soon!

426729 (187)

@fullern000 Thanks! Is there anything I can add to the game to make it better or more fun for you?