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300 cycles!
Codemonkey51 (1049)

my very long speech

So i recently reached 300 cycles, I would have never thought I could do this. Just like the rest of you I started out with 0 cycles and sometimes no-one ever commenting or upvoting my posts. It took some time but soon I started to answer questions on ask and get cycles that way, my posts started getting traction and I started to gain more cycles. My first post that ever got a cycle was my pi guess game which in the end was added to @coder100's pi day countdown I then started to share more to repl talk and I turn get more cycles I started to comment more and try to get a lot of cycles by answering questions less. I reached 100 and announced that and planned a celebration repl, I started but soon reached 200 before I finished, and here I am now with 300 cycles and no special for 100 or 200 cycles. So this time I have decided to release some of my projects that I have made but not shared.


  • discord bot template that allows per server pre-fixes and soon modules: python nodejs for python and nodejs)
  • I have my hack for @ChezCoder's chat room link chat room here: link
  • I also have my unfinished 100 cycle speech repl thing link

Thanks to everyone who helped me get here upvoting my posts and comments, and by keeping me motivated, without repl I would not be here today.

special thanks

  • amasad for making repl
  • repl talk moderators for keeping repl talk a great place to be
  • repl developers who keep repl up and running
Coder100 (16751)

Wow! Nice progress! Can't wait to see what you make in the future :)

DannyIsCoding (694)

@CodingCactus Very good actually. I need to write a little more code and also make some modifications. Thanks for asking! (Sorry that I reponded 8 hours after, but I didn't see this only now)

Codemonkey51 (1049)

Hey I get pinged with every response
it's fine

Codemonkey51 (1049)

It's fine I'm just getting like 3/ 5 seconds rn @DannyIsCoding

HahaYes (1913)

Ah, it's codemonkey

AmazingMech2418 (1040)

You do know that you don't actually have to attach a repl if you just want to make a post, right? Anyways, congratulations! I also just got to 300 cycles as well!

Codemonkey51 (1049)

For me it won't let me not attach one for share :/@AmazingMech2418

AmazingMech2418 (1040)

@Codemonkey51 Just don't select something in the dropdown. Also, it might be that it won't work for share, I'm not sure. I just know that I've done ask posts without attaching a repl.

Codemonkey51 (1049)

Yes I think share requires one ik others don't @AmazingMech2418

CodingCactus (4138)

is that a 1 line post I see?????????


ChezCoder (1613)

also thanks for the mention, i feel so special now :D

ChezCoder (1613)

I also have my unfinished 100 cycle speach repl thing link
spelt speech wrong XD

ChezCoder (1613)

@Codemonkey also you spelt but wrong:
took some time bug soon I started to answer questions on ask and get cycles that way, my posts

time some time but


@ChezCoder Aww, I saw it too. I was gonna call it a bug.


@Codemonkey51 Yeah, I saw; I was too late.

Codemonkey51 (1049)

I saw you online come back to chezrooms @ChezCoder