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2D Game Engine for Websites
SpicedSpices (297)

Renderspice v0.1.0 Release

A simple 2D game engine for the web

What is Renderspice?

Renderspice is a 2 dimensional game engine created for the web. It utilizes the HTML5 canvas element to draw onto the screen.

Renderspice has a simple structure, a class-based object rendering system that attempts to balance speed and efficiency with ease of use.

This means that some high-level features such as an elaborate physics engine are not included. However, Renderspice has all of the basics and necessities for game creating such as collision detection and resolution, UI, and complex polygons.

What can you make with Renderspice?

Renderspice focuses on being a game engine, so you can make games such as Geometry Dash

or shooter games

But it can also make very cool designs and backgrounds, such as the background of this repl.

How to Use Renderspice?

All of the setup and things that you need to do are in the documentation of this repl. So follow those steps and your project is set up. Renderspice also has documentation that displays all of the things in Renderspice.

Important Links

Renderspice Setup

All of the code that is required to create a Renderspice project is in this repl! Just fork it and you can write any code that you want.

Thanks for checking this Repl out, it took me a bit of time to fully finalize this version of Renderspice, but I think it turned out well. Any criticisms would be welcomed in the comments, I'm always trying to improve my creations and would thank advice and ideas.

duck132912 (210)

Im making a multiplayer game, thanks so much this will help!