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🖱️ 2D Aim Game
SixBeeps (5354)

For whatever reason, I really felt like making something in BASIC again. However, I had no ideas. But then, I was reminded of this video about a game that tested your 2D aim in a manner similar to Piano Tiles.

I thought this would be perfect to try to recreate because it's based on a grid, and it's incredibly simple to implement in an engine such as PGB.

Here are some rudimentary instructions:
Click on the black tile to get a point. The light-gray tile shows you where the next one is going to show up. You're given 3 seconds at the start of the program to get ready. From there, you have until 30 seconds is up or you miss a tile on accident.

What's the highest score you can get?
My personal best: 81 mouse, 92 keyboard + drawing tablet

Zavexeon (1166)

hmmm, seems pretty BASIC to me


@Zavexeon what a classic

Kudos (139)

I think it's pretty complex on the inside. The only way it can be perceived as basic is visually basic.

OldWizard209 (1643)

hey maybe make a leaderboard and the game will be perfect... @SixBeeps

SixBeeps (5354)

@OldWizard209 BASIC has no net functionality, so that won't be possible. Sorry :'(

KarmaIsKrazy (19)

@SixBeeps Then how about a simple leaderboard based on screenshots people could post screenshots of they're score and you can edit the post every once in a while based on the scores you see

SixBeeps (5354)

@KarmaIsKrazy Meh, too lazy. Also can be faked.

KarmaIsKrazy (19)

@SixBeeps Okay also where can I learn BASIC I can't find any tutorials cause when I type in BASIC programming it shows top 5 basic programming languages for begginers

SixBeeps (5354)

@KarmaIsKrazy BASIC isn't really one language, but thousands of variants of a similar concept. PG-Basic has some docs here

KarmaIsKrazy (19)

@SixBeeps Thc so much wont bother you any more

tussiez (1678)

At a certain point, the game crashes:

RuntimeError: Error on line 31: Error evaluating __pgb.get("C").get(0)
bramley (236)

110 on the hyper-sensitive office mouse, get rekt

SixBeeps (5354)

@bramley imma have to step up my game...

DarkswordsmanJG (43)

the game crashed after I clicked for a while but it's a great game

EllieBrown123 (6)

this is fun! and "basic"? i couldnt code like this to save my life! good job :)

JasmineGuo (1)

I'm not sure how to play this

SixBeeps (5354)

@JasmineGuo click on the black squares to get points

JasmineGuo (1)

@SixBeeps My highest score is 25.

TimothyClark222 (24)

my highest score is 26

CashisMcVeigh (3)

this is a bad game ngl lol

SixBeeps (5354)

@CashisMcVeigh I won't lie this didn't deserve the attention that it got.

Rayan81 (77)

It always stops at 31

SixBeeps (5354)

@rayaansom Like the timer or the score? I can get >31 score

TechBoy01 (0)

but i can't even make a basic as i use cheatsheets to make very small projects.

SixBeeps (5354)

@TechBoy01 That's ok; if you keep doing it you'll just remember the stuff.

YeetsaJr (20)

@SixBeeps @TechBoy01 I learned basic Python, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS just by looking at other people's projects and using tutorials off of youtube. Lol ¯_(ツ)_/¯


touch screen gang where you at

SixBeeps (5354)

@JULIODIAZ1 So I just tried playing a round with touchscreen, and ended up getting exactly 1 less than my mouse score.

FloCal35 (671)

lol yyyeeeeeeaaaahhhhh @JULIODIAZ1

Interesting @SixBeeps

YeetsaJr (20)

@JULIODIAZ1 bruh, you are a true legend


@SixBeeps yeah... i got less than my mouse score aswell. SAD

AidanWaner (4)

Nice! Simple but fun.

yachandsport (0)

Even if is BASIC, it stills makes me Addict !
Indicating the location of the next tile allows the player to play fast, maybe too fast I guess, there were some moments when I was over-anticipating and then messing up my game !

timothyzjin (0)

I have been doing this for hours and my number is 8172363

mesquite2234 (279)

@timothyzjin they said in the description
"From there, you have until 30 seconds is up or you miss a tile on accident."
You can't have done it for hours

JosephSanthosh (990)

im honestly so confused