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2048 (In Python Console)
CodingCactus (4355)


What it is:

If you've never heard of it, basically, you have to put 2 squares of the same number together, which will combine those squares into a new square which is those numbers combined. That probably makes no sense because of my explanation skills, but it will all become clear (hopefully)

A new 2 square is added every move


It's just the wasd keys:

  • w to go up
  • a to go left
  • s to go down
  • d to go right

How to win

It's simple, just make a square of the value 2048.

Disclaimer: I have never actually won this game lol.

Tip: either never press down or up (except from at the start) if you press up at start: try to not ever press down, or if you press down at the start: try not to ever press up.

How to lose

This is also very simple, just fill the board up until you can't move anymore.

Credit as usual to @xolyon for their colour tutorial (here) which I think pretty much everyone uses now instead of colorama and stuff.

Also, I do realise that it doesn't work exactly like the normal 2048 game, I'm working on that.
Any game breaking bugs, I would love to know about

That's about it!

Have fun and if you do, don't forget to upvote! :)

julia562 (6)

We love to see it

mserrano258 (23)

This is some really interesting and fun code! However, I have had some trouble with the game in that some of the squares don't fuse at the very beginning. I attached some screenshots to show this. Please fix this, this game is really good!

CodingCactus (4355)

@mserrano258 yh, sorry i'm working on that :)

chippycoder08 (16)

@CodingCactus, don't worry! You did a really good job on this!

henryeth (183)

In the original game, players begin with 2 squares filled rather than one. Apart from that small thing, it is great and true to the original. Upvoted.

gpr2 (3)

I hold the world record [out dated]

CodingCactus (4355)

@gpr2 why does it say the score like 5 times?

gpr2 (3)

@CodingCactus the progression of my scores im guessing

CodingCactus (4355)

@gpr2 it should just print it once

RiazuMacroni (47)

Great game! I am not good at 2048 but this is very close to the actual game. Good job :D

mo2409 (14)

I wish we could make a Repl with like tons of different programmers, that would be so cool.

studentAlfredAl (443)

You can. Just create a new repl and invite a bunch of people. Preferably people who code the same language :) @mo2409

pkTheBest (1)

It doesn't work for me :(

skull_is_dull (42)

i had a 1024, 512, 256, 128, 64, 32, 16, 8 , 4 and two 2's on screen when i died... does that still count?

Jakman (454)

Cool. Would work better if made in Java swing.

studentAlfredAl (443)

Hello, fellow Java coder! I couldn't find anybody else who coded Java :) @Jakman

Jakman (454)

@studentAlfredAl ey man. Most people here only know python and html. We gotta stick together man.


this is a good game :) hi score 10948 fail

codingduck (9)

add 4096! (yes i have gotten 4096 ligit)

on clone:

ignore the score i played a mode where any adjacent numbered tile could spawn and shoved 2048 in a corner and spammed w so 2048 spawend, then 4096 spawned, 8192,16384, on until 262,144

CodingAndMemes (37)

I think I broke it. The 128 is not supposed to be there, is it?

SpaceFire (124)

Hey, with your permission can i use the code in an OS project i've been working on. if you want to see it so far it's here: Stellar 2.0

SpaceFire (124)

@CodingCactus Thanks! I will let you now when it is compatible with the OS so you can see it.

SpaceFire (124)

@CodingCactus Done, if you want to see it it's at the same link. You are credited in the description.

dontbanmeplz (2)

i got 2636 and then it stoped working but otherwise just like the original

CodingCactus (4355)

@goshan you can go up can't you?

lighteningboltb (21)

you can get new look if you clear then press w

mo2409 (14)

I made it to 516 but I couldn't move anymore :[, I still did good :].

DungeonMaster00 (190)

i broke the game wow dont know how

syflexer (479)

HAHAHAHAHA my upvote got rid of that 69 yeet yeet