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This is a program that allows you to alter the speed at which the program "reads" your text choice. You can view sample text by pressing one or input your own text by pressing two. The text has to be more than one word long, but there is no limit on how many words you can have; you can have 10 or 100.

When you put your speed, 0.01 is usually the best. It allows you to see the text easily and clearly. 0 is the fastest and there is no limit on how slow you can get (in other words you can input "100" and wait for years for the text to print).

I literally made this in ten minutes in the middle of the morning, but it came out good, don't you think? Something so simple can actually be cool! I use this for things like ELA, because it's annoying to see all those words at once - I would rather have them read to me.
Please upvote this! I would like to see at least ten!!

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Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!
3/26/20: 0.075 is a good speed for the sample text. I tested it.... =)
3/26/20: Added a couple of minor changes, such as \n (next line) Suggested by @CreeperKING112! Also added choices at the end where it prints the text. If you want me to change something, please put it in the comments - I'm all in for suggestions! By the way... nN34398Ff(42)... guess what the answer to life and the universe and everything is... =) just noticed
3/27/20: Another upvoter and cat lover!!! Let's hear it for @meguy7878!!!
3/29/20: I added some new changes! Now, after you view your text you can restart without having to press the run arrow again!
3/30/20: Trying to fix the code so that in the end when you say 'no', it doesn't start up again... Fixed it! Now when you say no, it doesn't start up again.

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