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2ᵒˢ AlphaBeta
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2ᵒˢ AlphaBeta

Okay, so I know this isn't a real OS, obviously.
But anyways, this is 2ᵒˢ or 2econd Generation Operating System (aka 2.0) currently in alpha.
This operating system is quite different, and the reason being is that it requires a system file, a setup file, and much more. 2ᵒˢ will start off with the system partly uninstalled. It needs to create a generated key that should stay the same for everyone.
Then the operating system boots up.

  • Moves into the apps directory
  • Directory & Clear Python Files built-in
  • guide
  • Crash System
  • Severe Crash System
  • Python command handling
  • Read any non-Pythonic file
    Much more system functionality coming soon. I will continue working on this project.
    Please create an app for this OS. It will be greatly appreciated.

**Thank you for your time and patience for reading this. **

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