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1v1.REPL (Basically 1v1.LOL But my Version!)
candies (154)

1v1.LOL ( Addition), I developed this with Awesome Development (Owned by DevTheodore). You can play with high FPS in this version, better ping even if your internet is bad. 1v1.REPL has its own loading screen & logo!

This project is basically an updated version of 1v1.LOL...
This project will have a domain soon. It's probably going to or something like that, but anyway. there will be a changelog so you can know the updates!


  • Made a new Logo! (Top)
  • Added Not-logged-in Feature!
ch1ck3n (2029)

why do you need to check ad block

candies (154)

@ch1ck3n that's the code inputted from 1v1.LOL

candies (154)

and you're looking at my source..?

DynamicSquid (4893)

@candies how much of this did you code yourself?

candies (154)

@DynamicSquid I worked on transferring firebase to the 1v1.LOL servers and the iframe.

ch1ck3n (2029)

i see this websocket

mind telling me what it is

candies (154)

@ch1ck3n how will be able to be ran on this platform or website.

candies (154)

@candies without being blocked by any chrome extension