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1300's Peasant Simulator
RomeroSchwarz (271)

Inspired by my AP World class, I made a game about the black plague. You play as a peasant trying to survive the plague. Try to unlock all of the endings!


  • Failed cure: Have your family fail to cure your illness
  • Left to die: Have your family abandon you to die
  • Forever alone: Have no family to care for you when you die
  • Home invasion: Unsuccessfully fight a burglar
  • Surrender: Surrender to a burglar but still die
  • To Valhalla: Die in a fight
  • Kentucky fried witch: Get burned at the stake during a witch hunt
  • Home doctor: Buy the wrong herbs
  • Heresy: Get executed as a heretic
  • Speedrunner: Die on day 1
  • Lazy workers: Get mistaken as dead (Credit to @Zackydoo)
  • Fifty day gang: Survive for fifty days

My record days survived is 46.

New thing: Piety points: Gain them by praying, lose them by hiring doctors. They are automatically consumed to prevent you from being tried as a witch. Credit to: @zypA13510

Also, if you have any suggestions, put them in the comments and I might add them (If it's doable)

mattcooke (8)

Hi, I think a message telling you what your survival record is would be useful. I added one myself, you can see it here. Pretty cool project, it reminds you how simple something can be and still fun.

RomeroSchwarz (271)

@mattcooke Great idea! I'll implement that soon.


Can you add an ending where the Baron's workers think you are dead?

SPQR (592)

10 ways to lose and 1 way to win, and winning is just not losing for 50 days. I love it!

AdCharity (1322)

@Zavexeon lmao I lived x12 longer

_Sniper_Turtle_ (17)

This is cool, but I want to say that there are several core inaccuracies, like the fact that peasants would never have the money to hire a plague doctor, they would be for free or they wouldn't exist. There is a lot of inaccuracy compared to the time period. Great game though!

_Sniper_Turtle_ (17)

@_Sniper_Turtle_ also, $ and food would be really the most important things for a peasant. Maybe add them as stats? Anyway, game is great

JeremyIrwin (44)

How about something where you get framed for a crime and have to defend yourself in court, and you could try to plead or bribe to stay innocent

DJWang (1354)

Die on the 13th day..... so unlucky

CorbinDardenne (5)

It would be cool if there was something with money. For example, if you buy too much medicine or hire too many doctors you lose your money until you work for more.

billehb (16)

This game is really fun, upvote for me

CorbinDardenne (5)

Heretic death is bugged, otherwise great game

RomeroSchwarz (271)

@CorbinDardenne Found the bug; It's fixed now.

zypA13510 (1)

idea: add piety point, you gain one point if you pray (and lose one if you hire a doctor?); you'd consume one piety point automatically to avoid being a heretic or witch.

RomeroSchwarz (271)

@zypA13510 It's in now. It doesn't say how many points you have, but they will affect the witch trials.


I think the Forever Alone death is bugged.


@RomeroSchwarz No matter how many times I have no family and die, it doesn't give me the ending. Am I missing something?

RomeroSchwarz (271)

@Zackydoo The death has to be from you catching the plague. It might be that you are getting other types of deaths.

wolfembers (1)

Gotta say this is pretty dang fun

FrancisPan (30)

it doesn't work

brogen (17)

package failed to operate???

AustinZhang1 (65)

sad it doesn't work looks like a great game

Intellorg18 (2)

I got to 52!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michaelforPOTUS (0)

Add maybe, a army option.

Gabe10 (0)

um..... i went to 'day' 52.


RomeroSchwarz (271)

@Gabe10 you faked that. you can see in the top menu that you forked the repl, and when I look at the source, you make it start at day 37 so you can get to 50+ days easier

Gabe10 (0)

my record @ the moment is 23 been playing for a couple mins lucky me

mchapy1 (18)

16 days is my record, and I unlocked every ending except for the 50 day one.

danmorton420 (0)

still its an alright game i just need to get the skills

danmorton420 (0)

kills you for nothing