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-New Update- Monster Looter
syflexer (480)

This is another post for a new update on my favorite text based game i made i hope you guys like it as much as i like it.
the scale on weapons doing damage goes like this.
1. stick
2. rock
3. dagger
4. sword
5. gun
6. shotgun
7. bomb
8. nuke-instakill

syflexer (480)

@DynamicSquid thank you i hope you enjoy the game

Nanowrimoijk (63)

it would help if you added like a neutral attack, cause you automatically lose with no weapons since you can't damage them plus with no items it causes an error

syflexer (480)

@Nanowrimoijk ok i might add that soon then

Dukdukduk (11)

This is what happens when your luck with monsters is insane. 😂😂

syflexer (480)

@Dukdukduk there is a rebirth system in the game that increases weapon damage by a lot