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-Kitty Clicker- Become a fish lord 😺
CatR3kd (561)

hello poopyheads peeps

Been awhile since I made an actual project, checks watch
Oh seven months huh? Time sure does fly...
Anyways I was bored so I made this, Kitten Klicker!
In Kitten Clicker, your only goal is to become a fish overlord and ascend as many times as you can :3
There are a bunch of upgrades and too many easter eggs, ('till the tenth ascension I think?)
Thanks to Greay, Orteil, and Hit-Point for inspiration and assets!

Good luck!

also yes i referred to it as a different game every time

Whippingdot (658)

The fishermen guys / gals don't work

CatR3kd (561)

fixed, i think
they work for me at least

RayhanADev (2521)

Lmao, why not

also that cat pfp is so freakin cute furrets are better tho

CodeMaster007 (108)

Wow, cool! I never have the patience to play these types of games but it seems fun!